Kristi Carrara & Demecia Lloyd
The dynamic duo behind Revibe Travel

It all started with a three month journey to Europe - five kids in tow. 

That trip opened their eyes to Europe, to group travel and to a different perspective that changed their lives. Together, they decided to try to share that experience with others by first hosting group tours to the Azores Islands of Portugal and then by branching out to help people travel all over the world in order to change their perspectives and change their lives!

Kristi Carrara
Entrepreneur and travel junky

Hi, my name is Kristi Carrara. 

I am a travel addict. 

If you're reading this, I assume you are too!

I led my first group trip in 1997 on a University Spring Break to Virginia Beach.  We caravanned to the beach in two cars through a terrible snow storm and we ended up penniless with a broken down car!  Since then, I've learned a lot, and the experiences have only gotten better.    

I believe with all my heart that travel and experiences are the only things worth spending money on.  I believe that everyone should have AT LEAST one international experience in their life.  And most importantly, I have made it my mission in life to help people have that experience.

Demecia Lloyd
Travel Guru Extraordinaire

At a young age, Demecia Lloyd found herself drawn to exotic places and different cultures. Her childhood walls were covered in photos from National Geographic magazines and she dreamed of one day seeing some of the amazing destinations in person. 

During college Demecia got her first chance to travel, participating in two different semester abroad programs, one in Mexico and the other in the South Pacific. She was hooked!

Not only did she love to travel, but she loved spending time really experiencing new places and cultures. Demecia decided that one of the best ways to explore and give back was to join the Peace Corps. She become part of a permaculture program and spent several years in the remote indigenous villages in the western rainforests of Panama. It was there that she met her husband and after her Peace Corps service, together they started an eco-tourism company in Panama to try to promote and preserve the native culture and way of life of the indigenous Teribe tribe. 

Eventually, Demecia found herself back in the United States but she continued to travel frequently to Panama and beyond.