What's your travel "vibe"?

Travel vibes are the unique and resonating feelings that guide your travel choices. They're the essence of what you seek in a journey, reflecting your inner desires and aspirations.

Are you seeking peace and quiet, action and adventure, relaxation, history, culture, luxury, girls time?  We carefully create a variety of tours to meet an array of travel "vibes".

What's your 2024 travel vibe?

From past happy travelers

“I seriously cannot say enough great things about the Azores trip that I took this year!! I loved it so much that I will be going again next year and CAN’T WAIT“

Stephanie Walker

"International travel made easy! Every step of the process was laid out and all of our needs were anticipated. This was the best trip I have ever been on, start to finish. Thank you so much, can’t wait to book again! This truly was an experience of a lifetime!"

Cathy Boden

"My escape to the Azores was exactly what I needed during a period of my life when self discovery and resiliency was most needed. I took several hundred photos and I review them whenever I need to "go back" to the island. 

Kristi and Demecia are very knowledgeable, competent, laidback, and just a joy to be around! Even when I thought there wasn't time for a special request, they made it happen and it was well beyond what I had imagined. Before I got home, I was already planning my next trip to the islands!"

Maureen Riester

"Our first visit to the Azores and the island of Sao Miguel was the most amazing and relaxing trip I have ever experienced. Kristi planned everything perfectly for us, from the breathtaking views of Sete Cidades to the magnificent Terra Nostra Gardens and hot springs. The best tours were provided that took us to every part of this beautiful island."

Julie Casner